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F.lli Giacomello srl constantly focuses on research, innovation, new technologies to create products that can fully satisfy the needs of its customers.

The IEG-U1F perfectly respond to this need.

These are universal electromagnetic level indicators which are supplied to the customer, in a mounting kit with a 500 mm (IEG-U1F / U2F) and 500/450 mm (IEG-UMMF) tube. The desired length can thus be obtained with the aid of a simple tube cutter. To obtain a perfect assembly, simply insert the wires and the tube into the threaded fitting located under the flange and tighten properly.

At this point, connect the connector to the flange and the relative wires to the base and the level indicator is ready for use.

The assembly of the indicator must be carried out in a vertical position, with the caveat that the float is at least 35mm away from the ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks etc.).

Furthermore, to reverse the contact from N.CH. N.O., just remove the lower stop and turn the float upside down.

These levels have been built to guarantee with maximum safety the minimum or maximum level of liquids in the tanks (even at 10 bar pressure), hydraulic power units containing mineral oils with viscosities not higher than 80 ° E. They are also suitable for diesel fuel and all other non-corrosive and flammable liquids.

IEG-U1F: versatility at the customer's service


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola