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F.lli Giacomello's team is constantly projected towards research, innovation and quality, with the aim of creating new products that can expand the offer for Italian and international customers, through an increasingly complete package. The small levels are a great pride of the company because they combine compact dimensions with all the precision and safety that have always distinguished the production of F.lli Giacomello.

IEG-INOX-FD 3061 are part of this product range. These are stainless steel electromagnetic level indicators with one contact with 1/8 ”Gas connection. They are made entirely of stainless steel and this feature makes them suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food environment and for solvents, thinners and all liquids compatible with stainless steel.

Its assembly must be carried out in a vertical position, with the warning that the float is at least 35mm away from ferrous surfaces (walls, tanks ...).

When the float of the indicator meets the Reed switch incorporated in the tube at the predetermined distance, the contact, solicited by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes, thus having the possibility of sending a light signal from a distanc , acoustic or interrupt any electrical equipment connected to it.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola