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Total control of liquids

Precision, quality, innovation and attention to the customer and his needs have characterized F.lli Giacomello since the very beginning.

Each range of products must meet these characteristics before being launched on the market, exactly as happens for the Visual Levels.

These products give the possibility to check the liquid level in a clear and precise way at any time.

The principle used is that of communicating vessels: the liquid crosses the level by means of M10 or M12 hollow screws, revealing to the user the precise point where the liquid is inside the tank.

Through a rich range of components and materials, the LV are able to satisfy any type of requirement, with a truly optimal quality / price ratio.

The visual levels can be equipped with fixed electrical contacts on the ends or variable, fixed along the aluminum profile protecting the tube.

The latter are positioned by the user at the required point along the level spacing and give an electrical output to automate the filling of the tanks.

They can be equipped with taps that interrupt the flow of liquid from the tank to the level and with thermometers for monitoring the temperature inside it.

The center distances supplied from 100 ÷ 4000 mm are able to satisfy the needs of each customer. In fact, they can be interchangeable with existing levels on the market and above all be built "to measure" according to the customer's needs.

A wide range of components and materials make these levels customizable and suitable for most uses.

Customized wheelbases and maximum flexibility.


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