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F.lli Giacomello srl products are created with the aim of bringing quality, precision and ease of use to the customer.

All these characteristics are contained in the T + T temperature probe, which occupies the space provided for each common drain plug for tanks, control units, oil pans.

With thermostat N.O. it is used to remotely send an electrical signal when the temperature of the liquid goes beyond a limit considered acceptable.

The N.CH. they are normally used as thermal protectors: they remove voltage, stopping the system, when the temperature is such as to be harmful.

The normal series includes thermostats at 50 ° - 60 ° - 70 ° - 80 ° C. with N.O. normally open or N.CH. Normally closed.

The temperature probes can, in addition to the thermostats, incorporate PT100 / PT1000 to have a continuous signaling of the temperature that can be managed through a PLC.

Both for the version with thermostat and the one with PT100 / PT1000 it is possible to have the probes with brass or Aisi 316 wells in order to arrive at the desired point. This latest version is also suitable for the chemical sector.



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