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F.lli Giacomello has been producing level indicators since 1985 which it sells all over the world. Over the years it has established itself in the national and international market thanks to the quality of its products and the ability to respond to the different needs of customers.

From the continuous research of the company team, products such as IEG-PVC-GCL are born, level indicators for continuous precise and functional signaling.

The reed-resistance chain electromagnetic indicators allow a precise and constant indication of the fluid level, regardless of its electrical conductivity, pressure and temperature and the presence of foams in it; have an essentially simple structure: the only moving part is the float which, depending on the flow or drain of the liquid, flows along a tube.

The float houses inside a toroidal magnet, whose field activates, without physical contact, small reed contacts placed inside the sliding tube. The actuation of these contacts allows the gradual insertion or deactivation of the resistances, also placed inside the sliding tube, allowing the continuous reading of the liquid level.

The resistive signal generated in this way can be used directly by devices that accept such structured inputs, or by means of an Ohm - 4 / 20mA converter can drive most of the electronic devices on the market (PLC).

Thanks to the material from which it is made, this type of level can be used in the hydraulic and chemical fields and has considerable technical advantages:

- Constant and continuous level indication with high repeatability accuracy.

- Linear indication of the level, regardless of the shape of the tank and the distance between the level indicator and the tank walls.

- Remote indication of the measurement and possibility of piloting additional controls.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola