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RL / G1-L


The Rapid Level series has always been the unmistakable brand of F.lli Giacomello, appreciated all over the world for its flexibility, safety and ease of use:

- It can be used for dirty liquids, water, petroleum, coolant oils and tolerates the presence of metal particles, including ferrous ones, thanks to a float that does not carry a magnet and is integral with the rod.

- Ensures total safety, determined by the fact that the electrical part is totally separated on the side of the tank and perfectly sealed with respect to the external side, by means of ultrasonic welding and resin coating of the pins.

- The nylon-glass body is very robust from a mechanical point of view, extremely resistant from a chemical point of view and ideal as an insulating container for Reed contacts.

- It is suitable for controlling heights up to 1000 mm, but with a simple modification of the float and the use of a different tube, it can control up to 3000 mm.

- The desired length can be obtained simply by cutting the steel rod with a simple pipe cutter; or you can vary the intervention point using a float with a through hole that allows, whenever there is a need, to change the control point of the desired liquid.

This "lateral" level switch for use is very versatile: like the "RL" series, it can also be used for the control of the minimum or maximum level and for the control of the minimum plus empty or maximum and overflow.

* Unlike the "RL" series, the distance between the 1st and 2nd signal is not fixed, but has an angular value, which progressively increases with the length of the rod.

* This allows the designer a wide range of choices; in fact, by varying the length "L", the intervention points of the 1st and 2nd Reed vary (read on axis 1 and 2).


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Fratelli Giacomello