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F.lli Giacomello is proud to be one of the members of Industrial Innovation Lab.

F.lli Giacomello is proud to be one of the members of Industrial Innovation Lab.

The Italian manufacturing industry is facing an unprecedented challenge: how to evolve in a world increasingly focused on sustainability and innovation? In response to this question, the Industrial Innovation Lab was born, a cultural laboratory dedicated to the creation of a sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem, respectful of the environment and people.

The beating heart of this laboratory is its mission: to guide the evolution of Italian companies towards agile, innovative and sustainable organizational models.

Through a combination of experimental projects, technological innovation and the development of new leadership models, the Industrial Innovation Lab aims to provide a new vision in the panorama of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main focus of the workshop is on the implementation of practical and tangible solutions.

These are not just abstract ideas or theories, but concrete actions aimed at bringing real change to the Italian industrial fabric.

From the research and development of new technologies to the redefinition of organizational processes, each lab initiative is guided by the goal of creating a tangible impact on businesses and society as a whole.

But what makes the Industrial Innovation Lab so unique?

It is its holistic vision that integrates sustainability, innovation and corporate social responsibility. It's not just about maximizing short-term profits, but about creating lasting value for future generations. It's about building a future where businesses thrive not only economically, but also ethically and socially. At a time when the Italian manufacturing industry is called upon to reinvent itself, the Industrial Innovation Lab opts for positive change. It's a place where brilliant minds come together to create a better future for us all.


  • Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Fratelli Giacomello