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Fratelli Giacomello srl continues the path of technological improvement of its products, adding new attributes to one of the flagship company, the LV.

The visual level gauges make it possible to check at all times the level of the liquid in a clear and precise way.

The principle used is that of communicating vessels: the liquid passes through the level indicator by hollow screws, showing the user the exact point of the liquid inside the tank. Through a full range of components, the F.lli Giacomello’ levels meets the most demanding requirements, with an excellent value for money.

The level indicators can be equipped with taps (now also in AISI 316) that interrupt the flow of liquid from the tank to the level and thermometers for temperature monitoring.

The center distances supplied from 127 to 3000 mm meet the needs of each customer, making the products interchangeable with existing levels in trade and above all may be made "customized" to the requirements of the customer.

The Visual level E2 in addition to providing a visual indication, offers the possibility of having a minimum level signal and one of the maximum that can be N.O. or N.C. or EXCHANGE, upon customer request.

Inoltre i materiali utilizzati per realizzare i diversi componenti, lo rendono idoneo a diverse possibilità di applicazione e il profilo in alluminio la protezione dagli urti anche in caso di utilizzo del vetro Pyrex.

Furthermore, the materials used to realize the different components, make it suitable in different application and the aluminum profile protects from impact in the event of use of Pyrex glass.

LV / E2: precision, versatility, high quality, all in one level.


  • Milan, Italy
  • Fratelli Giacomello

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