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The strength of the F.lli Giacomello s.n.c. has always been the ability to establish a unique and privileged relationship with the customer. This feature brings today the company to invest in new products and improve existing ones in order to expand its offerings in the market and present a more complete and competitive package.

From this goal to create products such as LUN (Universal Layers with variable lengths of nylon-glass) and LMU (Levels Universal anodized aluminum).

This type of Visual Level, medium-sized and high robustness, usually consists of two bodies in which is housed a transparent tube, reinforced and protected by a half-round profile anodized aluminum that also serves as a contrast screen.

Other important features make these levels are truly unique:

- Bodies can be glass-filled nylon, or anodized aluminum or stainless steel AISI 316.

- The tubes are provided with acrylic or glass pyrex.

- Fittings 3/8 "BSP, normally supplied in nickel plated brass, can be obtained in AISI 316; fitting into place may be required tap disponibilein nickel-plated brass or 316 stainless steel.

- The float, normally in nylon (red), may be required, for high temperatures, NBR (Black).

- Seals, O-Rings can be supplied in different compounds depending on the application.

- Upon request, all levels can be provided with bimetallic thermometer to probe the high accuracy.

- In place of the upper block may be required cap with vent (aluminum).

- Maximum Pressure: 5 Bar

From today, the LMU can have all the parts in contact with the liquid in AISI 316 and be provided with blocks, bolts 3/8 Gas, and taps. They can also be equipped with a Pyrex tube and gaskets for every need, from NBR for hydraulic applications or in FEP for food applications, for a continuous and constant quality improvement.


  • Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
  • Barbara Cinicola