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NEW: The small professional grinder for versatile use!

Strong performance – small & compact!

The FRITSCH Mini Cutting Mill PULVERISETTE 29 is the ideal laboratory mill if you regularly grind small sample quantities of materials such as grain, seeds or even plastics and other materials with a low specific density: Inexpensive, compact and space-saving, completely uncomplicated to use and can be cleaned contamination-free in a few simple steps.

Particularly powerful: The rotor with 4 straight cutting edges and fixed knives made of hardened stainless steel enables up to 48,000 cutting processes per minute.

Overview of the main features:

- Variable rotational speed from 500 – 6000 rpm for optimal cutting speed

- Feed size up to 25 mm diameter, volume up to 100 ml

- Variable final fineness with sieve inserts from 0.25 – 6 mm

- Rotor and fixed knives are simply inserted - adjustment of the cutting gap is not necessary

- Particularly durable - rotor knives and fixed knives are turnable

- Practical design for easiest cleaning with just a few simple steps

- No loss of moisture during sample preparation for determining moisture

Ideal for analysis of moisture, raw fibre and ash as well as for IR and NIR

Thanks to its variable rotational speed, the FRITSCH P-29 comminutes especially grain and other seeds in an optimal way and with almost no loss of moisture. It thus fulfils the essential requirement for analytically correct analysis in the area of feed and raw material sampling.

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Look inside the Mini Cutting Mill – showing rotor with 4 straight cutting edges, fixed knives and sieve insert


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