Comminution of Pills

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The importance of Comminution

The process steps are divided into comminution, dissolution and ensuing analysis. In the analytical pharmacopoeia are besides the direct titration, especially the chromatographic methods such as ion chromatography, HPLC and gas chromatography utilized. A prerequisite for these technologies is that the samples have to be in liquid and filtrated form before they can be added onto the column. The dissolution of the tablets proves to be very difficult with certain active components. Therefore it is during the comminution process extremely important to keep the particle size possibly small or obtain a suspension by a wet grinding, which can be diluted even further.

Classical methods of the comminution with the Mortar Mill offer the advantage of a gentle comminution i.e. the thermal load of the sample is kept at a minimum. This comminution is utilized with especially sensitive analytes in order not to destroy these during sample preparation. But the obtainable final fineness is limited and the ensuing dissolution afterwards can also be a problem. The innovative manner of the comminution with the Planetary Micro Mill PULVERISETTE 7 premium line obtains within brief periods particle sizes below the critical area even with problematic compositions of active ingredients. The dissolution already begins during the wet grinding process, so the obtained suspension can be diluted unproblematically for the ensuing analysis.


The production of medication is subject to very stringent guidelines and must therefore in regards to the product quality meet highest standards. During the production of the various active and auxiliary components each process step is precisely monitored. In order to guarantee an accurate analysis the repetition of mistakes must be stopped directly in the first process chain. Here the first step is always the sample preparation. In the analysis of tablets it is specifically the comminution. The further success of the analysis also depends directly on the choice of the method and the parameters to be adjusted. [1,8]

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Comminution of Pills

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