Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2: The Universal Grinder for every application!

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hanks to its special mode of operation, the FRITSCH Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2 is the ideal universal grinder in the laboratory

Areas of application

Pharmacy, foodstuffs, chemistry, mining and metallurgy, geology and mineralogy, glass and ceramics industry, agriculture and forestry.

The FRITSCH Advantages:

- Easy setting and re-adjustment of the pestle pressure on the mortar wall – for perfect grinding.

- The essential downward pestle pressure on the mortar bowl can quickly and easily be exactly adjusted and read off on a scale – for reliable reproducibility.

- The optimised FRITSCH scraper kinematics, which are infinitely adjustable on three axes, ensure that the scraper is always perfectly fitted against the inner wall of the mortar bowl and to guide rising material toward the pestle – with manual re-adjustment also during grinding.

- The large acrylic window and grinding chamber illuminated with long life LEDs to check the grinding process.

- Simple addition of sample materials, liquids and additives during the grinding process.

- Sturdy coating of the mortar bowl with high-quality plastic frame – particularly robust, light and with a good grip.

For special applications: practical cryogenic grinding

The PULVERISETTE 2 is ideally suited for cryogenic grinding, where the material to be ground is embrittled with the addition of liquid nitrogen. In this manner moist, fibrous or elastic samples such as tomatoes, rubber, synthetic resins or plants can be ground without problem in the stainless steel grinding set.

Mortar Grinder PULVERISETTE 2: The Universal Grinder for every application!

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