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Foodstuff Production

A culture of contradictions?

Again and again consumers are confronted with scandals in the foodstuff industry. The latest case is the Fipronil egg scandal in the laying hen farming in the Netherlands and in Lower Saxony (Germany). What actually do foodstuff producers and marketers do to avoid such cases? A lot, if you believe the rising costs in the area of modern foodstuff analysis. So during the last decades, always newer and more sophisticated processes will be and were developed with the most sensitive detection thresholds (ELISA, PCR or the mycotoxin analysis) for quality control, in order to lower the number or even eliminate such scandals and the potential danger for consumers. So now, in the context of these analytical processes again and again, methods for sample preparation of the most diverse matrixes were developed. Because especially food- stuffs and the raw materials, respectively convenience products are often composed clearly more heterogeneous like all other substance groups. Especially in regards to comminution there are often limits like the rheological properties of a material, the ingredients or the volatile components which can only be prepared without regulating factors (sieves). That’s why often knife mills are utilized. FRITSCH now offers such a knife mill in industry quality: the Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11.


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