VoIP Speaker Amplifier Assemblies

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The -701 series speaker amplifiers include an integrated speaker amplifier circuit that can supply up to 30 watts of output power to an 8-ohm speaker or combination of speakers equaling 8 ohms. The ability to utilize any speaker or horn/driver combination permits selection of speakers that meet the coverage and environmental

requirements of a specific area. The -702 series amplifiers also include an integrated speaker amplifier circuit but will instead provide a 70.7 V or 100 V, 25-watt output, eliminating the need for a separate central

amplifier for smaller system applications.

For additional design flexibility, each amplifier assembly also includes a 600-ohm, 0 dBm audio output. This output can be connected to the audio input of a larger central amplifier or any broadcast equipment that requires a 600-ohm audio input.

Each VoIP Speaker Amplifier is capable of providing two dry contact, type A (normally open) outputs. Each output is programmable for a variety of uses such as activation of a strobe in a high noise area or initiating a door latch remotely.

VoIP Speaker Amplifier Assemblies

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