Now available 230Vac IECEx & ATEX Zone 1 RigCom

GAI-Tronics a division of Hubbell Ltd
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system designed for hazardous and harsh environments. The

system is simple to use with push-to-talk, release-to-listen

operation. Stations can be configured for either Master/Slave

or Common-Talk operation. The RigCom station consists of a

Zone 1 enclosure housing the remote electronics, and a

station Zone 1 loudspeaker which also functions as the


Models 400-003 and 400-004 require remote speaker Model

13380-005. Models 400-003 and 400-004 also have connections

for an auxiliary microphone and footswitch options for

remote operation from the station.

The RigCom is compatible with GAI-Tronics® EZ Page.

EZ Page is a common-talk communications system designed

for a wide variety of rugged applications. EZ Page provides a

low cost alternative to the RigCom in non-hazardous applications.

EZ Page configurations are identical to RigCom:

Master/Slave and Common-Talk.


120 Vac and 12 Vdc (400-003)

230 Vac and 12 Vdc (400-004)

Now available 230Vac IECEx & ATEX Zone 1 RigCom

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