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New Brochure for MegaSys® Hydraulic Hose

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The MegaSys® range covers a wide range of applications in construction, agriculture and processing & specialty and comprises pressure lines of 21.0 MPa, 22.5 MPa, 28.0 MPa, 35.0 MPa and 42.0 MPa.

The constant pressure ratings of the MegaSys® hydraulic hose simplifies the hose selection. A selection matrix and a comparison of the bend radii of the systems are included in the user-friendly brochure.

A selection chart allows on one glance to make a reliable hose selection. Looking for the required pressure, the chart will show to the user the correct hose meeting the pressure in the applicable size. Construction features and benefits for the wirebraid as well as for the spiral wire constant pressure hose associated to the appropriate couplings are also described:

• Bends up to 30% of international standard requirements

• Tested to industry-leading 600,000 impulse cycles (MxK) and 1,000,000 impulse cycles (EGxK)

• MxK available with Xtratuff™- cover offering 25 times the abrasion of the standard cover

• EFGxK and MxK available with Megatuff™- cover offering 300 times the abrasion of the standard cover.

This brochure (E/50157) is available in Turkish and in various other languages.

New Brochure for MegaSys® Hydraulic Hose

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