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New premium rubber synchronous belt

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In search of a high-strength, low elongation, quiet operation and extreme shock load resistance, this line covers the widest range of applications for which long service life and thorough operational reliability are mandatory. It serves the heaviest drives in the most diverse industries and markets from wood processing and paper industry equipment to compressors, machine tools, roller conveyors, heating and ventilation, air cooled heat exchanger drives, food processing machines…

This new timing belt is available in 8M and 14M pitches and is the optimum choice for high-torque conditions for new drive designs, designed to run on existing drives and is HTD® pulley compatible.

Manufactured in Europe, it is heat and oil resistant, static-conductive and silent running. With dramatically increased power ratings, PowerGrip® GTX belt is currently the strongest rubber synchronous belt on the market ideal to upgrade existing HTD® or PowerGrip® GT3 applications.

For the Hanover Fair, a new brochure has been published and is available in English and German.

New premium rubber synchronous belt

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