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Technology breakthrough: Gates introduces the first service-free bandless V-belt

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Gates Quad-Power® 4 Service-Free

By using innovative cord technology, Gates has designed the industry‘s first bandless V-belt which is service-free. The new Quad-Power® 4 belt does not require re-tensioning. No re-tensioning means less production standstills and fewer maintenance costs. For difficult-to-reach applications the zero-maintenance Quad-Power® 4 belt offers even greater benefits.

Unlike conventional V-belts, the new Quad-Power® 4 bandless V-belt does not suffer from tension loss after the initial run-in period. This new generation of V-belts uses innovative minimal-stretch cords to maintain stable tension over the entire lifetime of the belt. This way maintenance and plant engineers can skip the production downtime for re-tensioning recently installed V-belts.

Our second generation EPDM belts can withstand the widest temperature range in the market. The Quad-Power® 4 belt maintains its exceptional performance in extreme cold conditions as low as -50 °C and resists hardening to avoid cracking in temperatures up to +130 °C.

The Quad-Power® 4 V-belt is also available in PowerBand® construction for high shock-loaded or vibration-prone drives. A high-strength tie band permanently joins two or more belts to provide lateral rigidity and allow all of the strands to work together as one unit. This keeps the belts running in a straight line in the pulley grooves and eliminates jumped, flipped, tangled or separated belts.

New materials and the use of advanced manufacturing technology have led to a new generation of raw edge V-belts that outperform all similarly sized belts in a wide range of applications. As a world-leading manufacturer of high-grade belts, Gates brings with the Quad-Power® 4 belt another groundbreaking product into the market that helps production sites to cut down on maintenance costs and energy consumption.


Quad-Power® 4
Quad-Power® 4

Quad-Power® 4 Service-Free

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