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Gems Sensors & Controls Announces RotorFlow Sensors for Visual Indication, Continuous Sensing and Accurate Switching

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RotorFlow is a family of electronic flow sensors, designed to provide reliable and continuous sensing, accurate switching, and clear visual indication within flow rate monitoring and metering applications. With available measurement ranges from 0.1 to 60.0 GPM (0.4 to 227 LPM), the RotorFlow line features a unique paddlewheel design which combines high-visibility composite rotors and durable solid-state electronics. These high-quality components are packaged together within compact, panel mounted inline housings, with customer choice of high-performance plastic, brass or stainless steel construction. Units are easy-to-use, install, and maintain, and offer an unprecedented industry price-to-performance ratio.

RotorFlow sensors are organized into three types. These include Switch (RFS), Output (RFO and RFA) (DC and analog), and Indicator (RFI) Types. RFS Types allow for specific flow set point switching, which is fully adjustable over the specified flow range. The dynamic operation of the electronic rotor itself prevents jamming and false actuation. Once set to a desired actuation point, an RFS Type sensor will switch to a “no-flow” condition, should a rotor stop moving. A local LED signals when a set point has been reached.

Gems RotorFlow RFO and RFA Type sensors offer flow rate measurement accuracy and integral visual indication. They are easily integrated into most digital logic units. RFO Types provide a 4.5 to 24 VDC pulsed DC voltage output that is directly proportional to measured flow rate, while RFA Types provide a continuous 0-10 VDC analog output. For customers needing simple visual indication, RFI Types offer effective, “at-a-glance” flow rate estimation and confirmation, with easy viewing of the run speed of the brightly orange colored, single-piece composite rotor. RFI Types are available with choice of either a DC pulsed or an adjustable 1 amp switched output.

Typical applications include chillers and heat exchangers, medical equipment, lasers and welders, water purification systems, potable water dispensing systems, water injection systems, chemical metering equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, robotic welding equipment, and x-ray tubes.

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Gems Sensors & Controls Announces RotorFlow Sensors  for Visual Indication, Continuous Sensing and Accurate Switching

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