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Gems Sensors & Controls Announce High-Accuracy Pressure Transducers for Critical Medical Gas Delivery Systems

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Gems recognises that the provisioning of medical gases requires absolute conformance to stringent health and safety standards. Medical gas OEMs, integrators, distributors and facility safety managers must be completely assured of supply quality and continuity. For more than 20 years, Gems pressure transducers have offered high-reliability monitoring of stored and delivered oxygen; helium, xenon, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide; medical and surgical air; compressed air; and medical vacuum systems. Typical applications can range from a few dozen transducers; to custom OEM volume manufacturing of fully degreased, oxygen compatible sensors; to full medical gas distribution pipelines; to bespoke manifold designs.

Gems 3100 Series and 3500 Series pressure transducers are commonly specified for critical medical gas pressure level monitoring and control. They are also used to provide critical early warning of possible pressure changes affecting supply continuity. Their compact size facilitates ease of installation within space constrained environments. Both feature all stainless steel wetted parts. They can reliably operate over a wide range of pressure settings, with high accuracy, low thermal errors and wide temperature compensation.

At the heart of the Gems 3100 Series is a thin-film sputter element which provides exceptional temperature specifications. Alternately, the 3500 Series incorporates an MMS element which quickly reaches full accuracy at power-up, making it an excellent choice for remote, battery powered, or other applications in which power draw and time must be minimised. Within its compound form, the Gems 3500 Series can accurately measure pressures from -1 bar to +1 bar. This allows for specification of a single, high-accuracy pressure transducer model for multiple medical gas requirements.

All Gems pressure transducers may be rapidly customised with specific pressure ranges, ports, connectors, cables and electrical outputs. Manufactured products are fully degreased for use with medical gases prior to shipment. For qualified OEMs and integrators, Gems can also assist with custom manifold designs to help address specific regulatory compliance standards.

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Gems Sensors & Controls Announce High-Accuracy  Pressure Transducers for Critical Medical Gas Delivery Systems

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