New standard: Strict demands

GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH
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New surface finish standard for the GEMÜ 480 Victoria® butterfly valve series broadens the existing field of applications.

GEMÜ, a company that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality valves, measurement and control systems, has modified the coating on the valve bodies in its series of concentric, soft-seated GEMÜ 480 Victoria® butterfly valves. In line with the new standard, a 250 µm epoxy coating will be used from now on. The screws and bolts for fixing the actuators are manufactured from stainless steel. As a result of this and other measures, such as optimized workpiece pre-treatment before the coating process itself, all product configurations now comply with the requirements of the C5M, medium-durability classification as stipulated in DIN EN ISO 12944.

The improved coating means that the butterfly valve can now also be used in coastal and offshore areas, as well as in buildings with permanent condensation and pollution. At the same time, compliance with this standard affords the customer a certain degree of certainty when it comes to planning, as the service life of the valve is more predictable.

"We have incredibly strict requirements when it comes to the quality of our products, which is why we are continually working to improve them even further than we have to date. The new coating for the valve bodies in the GEMÜ 480 Victoria® series means that our customers can now use the butterfly valves for an even wider range of applications," says Joachim Brien, Head of the Technical Department at GEMÜ.

New standard: Strict demands

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