Standard systems for complex control tasks

GEMÜ Gebrüder Müller Apparatebau GmbH
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At present, control valves are increasingly becoming the focus of a wide variety of applications. In order to provide the customer with a simple selection guide, GEMÜ has now summarized all the relevant components of a control system under the term Process Control System, or PCS.

The PCS type combines the standard GEMÜ control valves with mounting kit, piping system and positioner. In this way, the customer has the option of ordering the appropriate control system and all the necessary components quickly and without error. Each nominal size has two regulating cones (linear and equal-percentage) to choose from as standard.

The operators for the GEMÜ 554 (plastic), GEMÜ 514 (aluminium) and GEMÜ 550 (stainless steel) series are available in the form of actuators.

GEMÜ 1434, 1435 and 1436 have been integrated into the PCS as controllers. The standard versions of each controller are regarded as basic versions. The GEMÜ 514, 530, 532, 534, 550 and 554 series contain the nominal size range of DN 15 to DN 50. The GEMÜ 536 globe valve covers the nominal size range of DN 65 to DN 150.

Standard systems for complex control tasks

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