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GeoMax products serve the Military Air Force

The Italian Ministry of Defense writing a GeoMax Success Story

The Italian Ministry of Defense conducted a project to create a database of all properties in the Air Force’s possession. GeoMax provided support for the project – using Zenith35 Pro TAG, Zenith15 antennas and X-PAD Ultimate from the field, directly.

National Surveying Project

The Italian Ministry of Defense, Air Force Department was tasked to map all buildings and land they owned. Not only did they have to list the location of the property, but also its size and volume.

The Italian Cartographic Systm Cassini-Soldner served as a reference point as the 2nd Department of Infrastructure Engineering traveled the entire country measuring the exact position of the structures and the contour of the land.

X-PAD made the difference

Air Force carefully evaluated several products within the surveying market to review costs and technical characteristics of various systems. Although in prior projects they worked with the competition’s equipment, the 2nd Department of Infrastructure Engineering decided to switch to GeoMax . “It finally was the versatility of X-PAD that made the difference. The ability to share data from different instruments in the midst of extensive surveys as all teams were operating simultaneously on the territory”, stated Francesco Cometa, Director of Field Activities and Lieutenant Colonel of the Italian Air Force.

With X-PAD Fusion, all the data from the field could be integrated into the office software and utilized seamlessly by the Air Force. It was the end-to-end solution they required for the project.

Getting the job done

The Italian Air Force chose the Zenith35 Pro TAG and Zenith15 to be their allies, paired with X-PAD. GeoMax didn’t only support the Air Force with hardware and software, but also with excellent service. GeoMax Rome provided the surveying teams for a 5-day training course in the field and in the office to optimally prepare them for their task.

Using the X-Live function of X-PAD Ultimate, the surveyors shared all the data in real-time between the five teams in the field and gathered them in one single tablet. Still, in the field, they created an overview map of all 27 surveyed buildings with the compiled measurements. Even in challenging environments, GeoMax roducts provided the efficiency and durability needed by the Air Force. They were able to overcome the lack of internet connection by using the Zenith15 as a base and collected data with the Zenith35 Pro TAG and Zenith25 Pro via UHF. The horizontal telemetry was performed with GSM Rover type survey and with base-rover solutions.

In the field


  • Widnau, Switzerland
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