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High into the sky with GeoMax

The Exchange 106 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is one of the highest buildings in all of Asia. The vertiginous construction work took three years. Right in the middle of it was GeoMax’s Zipp20 total station.

A tower of superlatives

With a height of 492 meters, the Exchange 106 tower rises above Kuala Lumpur. The highest building in Malaysia has 106 floors and ends in a 48-meter high illuminated crown. The skyscraper is located in Tun Razak Exchange, a new financial district in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. In 2016, China State Construction Engineering started working at full speed on the building and completed the site end of 2018.

Defying the weather

To give the building a unique look the crown at the top is adorned with special LED-illuminated glass. The glass panels are fixed on a steel scaffold, but the positioning was not 100 percent correct. AZ Survey Service was tasked to the stake out the scaffold and adjust the steel structure to the right position. The surveying company used the Zipp20 to fulfill this tasks. The accuracy of the Zipp20 made sure that the magnificent structure was precisely fixed according to the pre-defined architecture.

“The biggest challenge was the hot and windy weather conditions at the top of the building,” states Muhammad Saiful Amirul Bin Anuar, owner of AZ Survey Service. Even though the weather challenges slightly disturbed the survey work of Mr Muhammad and his team, they still managed to achieve their goal with a high-level of accuracy. With the 250 m non-prism range and the coaxial visible laserbeam, the Zipp20 Pro enabled them to overcome those challenges. The intuitive, multifunctional keyboard and the ability to easily transfer data using the USB memory stick and Bluetooth proved to AZ Survey service that the Zippo20 was the perfect product for their project.

High into the sky with GeoMax


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