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GeoMax Solutions Aim to Close Critical Technology Gaps

Solving industry challenges by reducing data management and collaboration issues for surveyors and construction professionals worldwide.

Challenges in surveying and construction can impede efficiency, clutter communication, and discredit data. X-PAD365 from GeoMax is a cloud solution developed to overcome most of them.

Access correct data at the right time

Storing data on a device that becomes lost or damaged can impair progress, cause delays, and frustrate stakeholders.

Missing or Duplicated Work

Valuable time and money can be lost through simple mistakes like missing critical points in a layout survey or measuring points that have already been recorded.

Poor Communication

Without a systematic approach to communication, crews can struggle to deliver information at the best time, to the right people, and through appropriate channels.

Keeping Track of Multiple Files & high volumes of data

Finding a single program to store data is onerous, resulting in surveyors with disparate and disorganized storage systems.

The Solutions

Demands for accuracy and reliability remain unchanged but breaking down these barriers is possible through adopting new technology. Tools for delivering results have improved for land and construction surveyors alike. Instruments once operated manually by multiple people can now be run efficiently by one person. Additional upgrades include onboard and external data storage, extended ranges, and connectivity to the internet and other devices.

The most significant advancements are related to the industries’ transition from traditional surveying measurements to digital data management, thanks to the continuous development of user-friendly, productive software. The evolution of software for both the field and the office has changed surveying and construction with enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. The new X-PAD 365 cloud platform from GeoMax Positioning is one of those solutions worth embracing.

Accessible Data

After developing both a topographic solution to be used in the field and a desktop solution to process and prepare the data collected in the field for layout, it was clear there was a gap between the field and the office. Each customer attempted to fill this gap with multiple patchwork systems, including data transfers through USB drives, cable connections, email, or WhatsApp. These incongruent tactics led to disparate data and flawed collaboration between the field team and the office.

X-PAD 365 web-based platform was created to allow customers to work with the data independently from the device, the place, or the time. Data can be exchanged directly within the applications without using any other tool or workflow.

As a cloud platform, X-PAD 365 can be easily accessed from any internet-connected device. Users can log on in the field through a browser or directly on X-PAD Ultimate field software. Internet connectivity is no longer an issue, as Wi-Fi is available on most job sites today. Operators can also access X-PAD 365 in the office through a browser or directly on X-PAD Fusion, GeoMax’s integration and post-processing software.

Accurate, Reliable Work

One of X-PAD 365’s unique features is Collaborative Survey and Stakeout.

With this feature, it is possible to survey or stake out by exchanging data acquired in real time between different crews working on the same site. Teams can also use other instruments for field operations. Thus, a colleague can receive data in real-time from a GNSS receiver, while another measures with a total station. The integration saves time and avoids duplicating work in areas where it is already complete. Automatic backup and restore is another favorite feature among customers, protecting valuable data and minimizing repetitive tasks and setups.

Improved Communication

X-PAD 365 includes a built-in group chat tool called X-CHAT. Designed to mitigate poor transparency and collaboration that often plagues surveying and construction crews, X-CHAT lets users share their stakeout status and support each other by making quick and reliable decisions together. The uniqueness of this feature lies in the fact that X-Chat is integrated into the X-PAD software. It can be used directly when the user turns on the X-PAD Ultimate and X-PAD Fusion solutions. X-Chat is not only used as an instant messaging system but also to quickly transfer data from one user to another; the type of data is immediately identified once X-PAD is running without having to save a file or import it. These features do not exist on Whatsapp.

With the integrated chat feature, it is possible not only to communicate with other crew members but also to send single measurements, photographs of point coordinates systems, and projections.

Simple File Management

File and asset management features in X-PAD 365 allow users to store and organize any files collected on the job, register all their GeoMax products, and receive notifications about their equipment and licenses.

The file management system is fully integrated into the software; once the user is connected to X-PAD 365, an automatic connection is made. The user can immediately access the storage space and import or export data. Other existing platforms require manual authentication, i.e., a login and password. This is not the case with X-PAD 365. The file manager allows users to share folders and files with other users, and they are notified when changes or data have been modified.

Product training materials are also available in the Virtual Training Academy. When customers face difficulties on the job site, they can quickly check user manuals, guides, and short “how to” videos, without contacting their distributor for support or additional information. The support effort on the dealer side is significantly reduced, and customer satisfaction is increased.

What makes the X-PAD 365 web solution so special is the wide range of unique features fully integrated with GeoMax software, allowing users to enjoy smooth workflows without switching between platforms, saving time and avoiding errors; essential assets for any professional when tight deadlines are at stake.

As part of Hexagon, GeoMax strives to grow its customers' businesses worldwide and innovate with tailor-made digital solutions developed to meet their requirements and needs. Discover more about X-PAD 365 at GeoMax Positioning.

Access right data at the right time


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