Fight COVID-19 and Guarantee Production, GEP ECOTECH Delivered Another Solid Waste Shredding Equipment

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Zhejiang waste mattresses, sofas and other bulky waste disposal system

At April 25, another bulky waste recycling equipment are ready to be delivered to Zhejiang province. This delivery marks GEP Ecotech made new solid step to build a world green brand.

This delivered equipment is the old customer’s order, the customer has repeatedly purchased bulky waste disposal equipment from GEP Ecotech. Customer gave high praise to Gep Ecotech as the bulky waste disposal equipment with very good performance. Based on previous cooperation experience with GEP, the customer trusted GEP brand and product quality and service. Therefore, the customer came to GEP Ecotech for further cooperation at the first time when there is a new project in need of solid waste shredding equipment.

To response the government garbage sorting policy, customers need the bulky waste disposal projects put into operation as soon as possible to realize garbage the reduction, resource utilization and harmless disposal. The equipment production task is heavy, the time limit is tight, GEP Ecotech made careful planning, reasonable deployment to pass the difficulties. During the epidemic period, GEP Ecotech quickly started the special period production and delivery guarantee plan, on the basis of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic work, try best to resume production and seize the time limit, and finally ensured the delivery of bulky waste disposal equipment on time.

The bulky waste disposal system is made up by double shaft shredder, magnetic separator, GI intelligent monitor system. Bulky waste are sent to the conveyor belt to enter to the double shaft shredder, the shredder use two relatively rotating cutting shafts to shear each other, and the tearing principle breaks the material. Large pieces of garbage are quickly cut and shredded into small pieces, and the material is then transported to a magnetic separator after shredding. Under magnetic force, metal objects such as nails, wire, iron sheet will be automatically sorted out for centralized recycling and reuse. The rest of the material sent to the transport truck, waiting for the next processing process.

In the whole production process, the operator can monitor the shredding and sorting process in real time through GEP GI intelligent monitoring system, which can effectively reduce the equipment operation failure rate and maintenance time, reduce the maintenance and operation cost, and greatly improve the operation efficiency of the production line. The production line adopts the closed design in the shredding and blanking area and is equipped with intelligent pulse dust removal system which controlled the dust to improve the workshop environment.

GEP after-sales engineer arrived at Zhejiang bulky waste disposal project site with the equipment at the same time, will complete the guidance installation and commissioning work within 3 working days. Gep Ecotech will follow-up the progress of the project, providing 7 hours x24 online intelligent service, try to solve the customer's difficulties in the process of using the equipment.

For a long time, GEP Ecotech has adhered to the development strategy of high-end, integrated, international well-known brand, in the field of solid waste disposal, constantly strengthen independent innovation, from raw materials procurement to product delivery and the whole process of quality control, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Efficient cooperation, mutual benefits, and created value in social development. We look forward to reach a consensus with more enterprises, deepening win-win cooperation in the field of solid waste disposal, promoting the transformation and application of advanced solid waste disposal technology achievements, fission out more excellent solid waste resource disposal projects, and jointly become a new engine for the construction of waste-free cities, and make positive contributions to the construction of ecological civilization.

Fight COVID-19 and Guarantee Production, GEP ECOTECH Delivered Another Solid Waste Shredding Equipment

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