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IE Expo 2020 Shanghai, See You in August

GEP ECOTECH focuses on one-stop comprehensive solid waste disposal system solutions

From August 13 to 15, 2020, the 21st IE expo 2020 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. GEP will bring a variety of products to show the unique charm of high-end intelligent equipment to global customers.

The 21st IE Expo China has an exhibition area of over 180000 square meters. It will gather nearly 2300 top water, solid waste, air and soil pollution treatment enterprises. During the same period, 300 high-end meetings including the IE expo China Summit Forum will hold to fully display the cutting-edge technologies and the latest solutions in the field of environmental pollution control, such as sewage treatment, pump, pipe and valve accessories, solid waste treatment, resource recycling, air pollution control, indoor air pollution control, site repair, environmental monitoring, environmental service industry and other environmental pollution control fields.

As a high-tech enterprise taking resource recycling as its own responsibility, GEP participated in this exhibition, had in-depth exchanges with media and industry peers. GEP focuses on one-stop comprehensive solid waste disposal system solutions, such as large waste shredding and disposal system, biomass fuel pretreatment system, kitchen waste disposal system and industrial waste comprehensive disposal system.

Bulk waste disposal system

In order to solve the problem of besieged by waste, GEP developed and designed an intelligent bulky waste disposal system based on the characteristics of bulky waste, combined with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and intelligent technologies. Bulky waste disposal system is mainly composed of chain plate conveyor, double-shaft shearing shredder, magnetic separator, dust collector and intelligent control system.

Biomass fuel pre-shredding system

Biomass fuel pre-shredding system is mainly composed of more than one double-shaft shearing shredder, chain plate conveyor, belt conveyor, GI intelligent monitoring system and intelligent dust suppression system. It has high disposal efficiency and high shredding efficiency, making agricultural and forestry wastes easy to transport, large-scale supply and high heat energy conversion. The biomass fuel pretreatment system has completely improved the feed structure and shredding device of the shredder, and can adapt to a wider range of materials, such as bamboo, straw, cotton stalk, rice straw and other biomass raw materials. It has the advantages of large capacity disposal, intelligent protection and collaborative optimization.

Kitchen waste disposal system

The kitchen waste disposal system adopts the process of preshredding+magnetic separator+organic matter separation+press dehydration. This system has the advantage of simple process, complete functions and high degree of automation, which can ensure the harmless treatment and reduction treatment more effectively, realize the separation, ensure the long-term stable operation of the process production line, maximize the economic and environmental benefits of kitchen waste disposal.

Industrial waste disposal system

Industrial waste disposal system is composed of conveyor, shredder, magnetic separator. This system integrates shredding and sorting system, which can shred and refine the normal industrial waste, reduces the volume, facilitates the subsequent processing and combustion power generation. The separated renewable materials bring resources and economic benefits, and greatly improved the utilization of industrial waste resources. The intelligent dust control system can efficiently dispose the dust produced in the shredding process without secondary pollution.

GI Intelligent monitoring, innovation driving the future

In the critical period of global manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, industry 4.0 has become a guiding concept to promote the common development and progress of the industry. In order to adapt to the development trend and requirements of the future manufacturing industry, GEP focuses on "industry 4.0" scientific and technological innovation, leads the intelligent development trend and constantly promotes the innovation and application of intelligent technology.

The series of solid waste disposal systems in this exhibition are equipped with GEP patent GI intelligent monitoring system. GI intelligent monitoring system integrates data acquisition, data transmission, data storage, data analysis and other functions. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of the overall operation data of the production line, the equipment operation status can be timely understood, and the intelligent, digital and fine monitoring management of the production line can be realized.

Relying on strong R & D and technical strength, complete and flexible product manufacturing capacity, outstanding quality management and brand advantages, worldwide marketing and technical service network, GEP continuously integrates its core technical advantages, broadens the market, develops steadily and makes all-out efforts to rush to the top of the industry.

With the help of this exhibition, GEP expects to further strengthen cooperation with new and existing customers, enhance its comprehensive strength to participate in global competition by competing with domestic and foreign brands on the same platform. At the same time, it will show the technical ability of GEP as the solution supplier of intelligent solid waste disposal system, share the technical achievements of GEP in the field of solid waste disposal to global customers!

August 13 to 15, IE expo 2020, in Shanghai New International Expo Center, we are looking forward to meeting you.

IE Expo 2020 Shanghai, See You in August


  • Zhengzhou, Henan, China