GEP ECOTECH Marketing Team Development Training Came to A Successful Conclusion

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GEP ECOTECH development training was full of rewards, full of moving

On May 16, 2021 at 5:00 pm, the two-day and one-night quality development training of GEP ECOTECH's marketing team came to a successful conclusion in Dengfeng Songhuang Sports Town. With the theme of "refining the team and surpassing oneself”, implementing the policy of conscientiousness, appreciation and responsibility, the training aimed to enhance personal self-confidence, develop one's own potential, improve problem-solving ability and sharpen perseverance in overcoming difficulties; enhance team members' sense of responsibility and belonging, improve team centripetal force and cohesiveness, put into practice the core values of "win-win cooperation, gratitude and sharing" with practical actions. This activity not only allowed each member of the marketing team to be moved and sublimated, but also achieved the maturity and transformation of the whole team. Now, please follow me to revisit those points and review those moving moments!

With the sun rising and the rain falling, here we are!

At 7:30 on May 15, all members of the marketing team officially set off on a journey full of unknowns and challenges. The partners may have been a bit apprehensive, but the ice-breaking session of replacing each other's numbers on the car was getting higher and higher, allowing everyone to gradually remove their formal shells and immerse themselves in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Team formation, we don't want to do push-ups

There is nothing simple about the Red Bull and Beyond teams that were assembled in ten minutes. Listen, "Red Bull, Red Bull, First Class in the world!" and "Go Beyond, Go Forth!" The team's ambition is evident. The red and black hats are our symbol of distinction. The usual simple line training became the first battleground for us to compete, not wanting to do push-ups. We're going all out!

Challenge No.1, Passionate Beat, Fight for the Team

For the honor of the team, each member contributed ideas, was fully committed, in unison and passionate, and achieved incredible results. Mutual cooperation, mutual support, advancement and retreat with one mind, this is the sense of cooperation, this is the team spirit.

"God's pen" and excellent staff self-portraits, drawing a beautiful blueprint

What kind of traits does a good employee need to have? A wise mind, a foresighted vision, hard work, a strong sense of responsibility and efficient execution. ...... Numerous excellent employees come together to draw up a bullish corporate blueprint like a magic pen.

Gala Dinner, the joy is so simple

It was a party of our own, with our own choreography and performances, as well as our own talents. After the coach's unique warm-up game, everyone's energy was released and the large meeting room was quickly turned into a sea of joy. The warm and fuzzy birthday session brought the whole evening to a climax. May we always smile like children, and may we retain our innocence in a troubled world.

Management Pyramid, effective communication, twice the effort

The fact that we are not performing but gives us more opportunities to enlighten and think differently. Leadership should have a holistic view and the ability to control, to communicate overall goals and specific plans to team members in a timely manner, and junior staff should learn to communicate proactively and efficiently, and to execute quickly and decisively.

Stand out! A big round of applause for our unity of purpose

It was a test of both mental and physical strength and was both tiring and enjoyable. It seems that difficult to through the quadrilateral grid was completely conquered by our concerted efforts. It turned out that the difficulties were not as big as we imagined, the careful deployment of the commander-in-chief, reasonable co-ordination arrangements, optimal allocation of resources, the team's determination, all difficulties are "paper tigers".

The training was full of rewards, full of moving. The forest is verdant because of every leaf, the sea is magnificent because of every drop of water, and GEP will be better because of every family member. The story belonging to GEP ECOTECH has just begun, and we look forward to more days of working side by side with everyone ......

GEP ECOTECH Marketing Team Development Training Came to A Successful Conclusion

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