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GEP ECOTECH Marketing Department Autumn Games

Badminton, table tennis, basketball games

The 14th National Games are in full swing in Shanxi Province, and the annual autumn sports games of the GEP marketing department have also been held as scheduled. In the field of laughter, cheers and cheering, offload the heavy workload, release the dual pressure of workplace and family, enjoy the infinite fun of sports, enhance the friendship between each other, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team ......

The struggle in “Ping pong “for victory

As the world's most popular national ball, ping pong is also a must-attend event at all GEP's Games.

A small ping pong ball is gently spun and tossed, the paddle touches the ball and it bounces off the table. The players keep their eyes on the ball, anticipating where the ball will land and where it will bounce, either pulling high and blocking low, or killing powerfully and quickly, you attack and I defend, you push and I block, very exciting!

There is nothing better than a last-gasp victory, and for this moment, all the effort and sweat in the process is worth it. Just like GEP, in order to win the smiles of satisfied customers, a thousand hammers and hammers to cast fine products.

Who is the best in the Badminton game?

With the return out of bounds, the badminton champion was finally crowned after several rounds and two hours of fierce battles. As one of the events with the largest number of participants, the intensity of the competition was obvious.

During the match, the players showed their skills: fast reaction, flexible movement, powerful swing, skillful fighting, steady and accurate hitting, sharp landing point, decisive blocking, fierce chopping, steady guarding, dunking, remedial, hanging, high ball and other skills were displayed to the best of their ability, no wonder the audience outside the court drew high decibel applause.

The ball was used to make friends, to exchange skills, to sweat and to fly!

Youth cannot be held back by the basketball net

If ping pong and badminton were for individual glory, the final basketball event was for team glory.

What did it feel like when the basketball hit the floor and the shoes rubbed together? The three pointers, the surprise assist, the quick steal and rebound, the excellent blocking ...... When the game heated up, the players did not show fatigue due to physical exertion, but grew stronger and sharper in their attacks.

This sport was not only about superb individual skills, but also about the tacit cooperation of the whole team. The final victory belonged to the sweat and running of a group of people. Praise for the team spirit of GEP!

Awards in progress

Let the camera capture their proud, confident and proud smiles!

Whether it's the passionate and youthful you on the field today, or the calm and sophisticated, wise and rigorous you at work, you are the best you can be for the bright future of GEP!

Let's give a round of applause to our forever eighteen-year-old and cheer for vibrant and energetic GEP.

GEP ECOTECH Marketing Department Autumn Games


  • Zhengzhou, Henan, China