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Beyond Bearings: Enhancing the Performance with Polymer Coatings

Siegfried Gsoels, Jonathan O'Neal
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In this webinar, GGB’s Coatings Commercial Director, Siegfried Gsoels and Senior Applications Engineer, Jonathan O’Neal will introduce polymer coatings as a tribological solution.

In many industries, complex shapes and surfaces create material challenges for engineers looking to increase performance of their systems while reducing friction and slowing wear for the long haul. The costs associated with complicated, excessive, and outdated designs can quickly add up through each stage of a project. What would it be like if there was a solution that offered optimum tribology combined with an improved surface technology? What if there was a solution suitable for both conventional plain bearings and complex geometric shapes?

Polymer coatings answer these questions and offers freedom of geometry for sliding surfaces. In this webinar we will examine data supporting the advantages of using coatings as a tribological solution as well as the power of partnership when you pair plain bearings and coatings together.

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