NEW: DC/DC power supply by Gigahertz-Optik

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The LPS-27 is a microprocessor-based current and voltage source especially designed for the operation of LEDs, OLEDs and other light sources requiring high resolution, very low noise operating voltage and current that is controllable and measureable

It offers six channels which can be controlled. It is set-up for full remote control operation in CW or Flash mode via its RS232 interface. DLL and Labview VI's are available as an option. Its design includes high resolution 16 bit digital to analog converters for precise current and voltage control. It can be operated either in constant voltage or constant current mode. The variable (current or voltage) can be measured with a high resolution ADC. To avoid unintentional power loss at the linear control element its input voltage is set by a DC/DC converter to the optimum voltage needed. Beside the CW mode the power supply supports PWM operation of the LEDs at the set current.

NEW: DC/DC power supply by Gigahertz-Optik

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