NEW: light meter with data logger by Gigahertz-Optik

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Measurement and examination of the photosynthetically active radiation, R/FR, DLI, illuminance, luminous color, color rendering index, scotopic to photopic ratio, EVE factor , spectrum of LEDs and other lights

The BTS256-PAR is a high-quality light meter that is well suited for illuminance and luminous color measurements in all application areas thanks to its compact design, high-quality light sensor and precise cosine field of view function.

BiTec light sensor for precise light measurements

One of the outstanding properties of this mobile light meter is its BiTec light sensor. This combines the characteristic properties of a silicon photodiode with those of a low-noise CMOS diode array. The BiTec sensor guarantees precise photometric and spectral-radiometric measurement values over a large dynamic range through mutual correction of the measurement signals of both sensors.

Silicon photodiode detector, fast and linear

When taking into account the dynamic range, linearity and speed, silicon photodiodes have always been and are still the ultimate light detectors. A photometric corrected silicon photodiode is therefore incorporated in the BiTec light sensor of the BTS256-PAR light meter. Its matching to the photometric V(λ) responsivity is improved by the diode array’s spectral measurement data.

NEW: light meter with data logger by Gigahertz-Optik

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