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Giropès expands its facilities

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After 20 years, Giropès is in full expansion and has begun the construction of a new shed.

Last year the company opened a second logistic warehouse (650m2) for Baxtran brand products, in the same business area of Vilamalla (Girona).

The large increase in sales volume has led to new requirements for productive spaces, storage and offices, proposing the new expansion annexed to the main plant.

The construction of the new facilities is in progress, it will be 1.800 m2, which will be added to the current 2.700 m2 and communicate in the building that was currently.

The philosophy of the company is to continue investing in productive and human resources with a workforce that is currently more than 100 workers, to achieve the requirement needs of all customers around the world.

Giropès has reached a turnover of more than 10 million selling to more than 35 countries, corresponding to almost 50% of last year turnover.

In recent years Girwim, the brand dedicated to IT solutions for the weighing in motion of vehicles for traffic, has experienced significant growth with new toll facilities on highways and weighing centers on roads in different parts of Europe, South America and North of Africa.

Giropès offers, with brands Giropès, Giropès Solutions, Baxtran and Girwim, all kinds of weighing solutions. From truck scales, commercial balances for shops, to different solutions with load cells for all type of industry and, also, different dedicated software serving many industrial plants recycling plants in Europe.

It is expected that before the end of the year the new facilities will be open.

Giropès expands its facilities
Giropès expands its facilities

After 20 years, Giropès is in full expansion and has begun the construction of a new shed.

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