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Coronavirus outbreak: How to protect yourself

GoldenLaser gives you some heartwarming tips

In order to keep you and your family in a good state, we have some suggestions below:

1.Don’t be afraid, but face it in a correct way;

2.Don’t go to the crowded place and avoid to contact people;

3.If you must go outside, wear mask in a correct way and keep some distance with other people;

4.Don’t touch your face, ear, nose….. before wash your hand.

5.Wash hands frequently if conditions permit.

6.Even stay in one family, use separate utensils and must be disinfected after meals.

7.Make the food fully mature as the coronavirus couldn’t be survive with the high temperature.(more than 56degree)

8.Drinking more water and eating more vegetables.

9.Don't panic, do some exercise properly.

10.Maintain a good attitude, face optimistically.


  • Jin Yun Ji Guang ( Shi Qiao Yi Lu ), Jiangan Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China
  • Golden Laser

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