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Here below is proposed a detailed analysis of a membrane Nitrogen generator. The application in question, made in Canada, is designed to produce Nitrogen @99.5% of purity for hot oil expansion vessel blanketing and @98% of purity for all other users

Membrane module 1

Feed Air Flow Rate: about 2500 Nm3/h

Outlet Nitrogen Purity: 98% (v/v)

Outlet Nitrogen Flow Rate: about 700 Nm3/h

Membrane module 2

Inlet Nitrogen Flow Rate @98%: about 50 Nm3/h

Outlet Nitrogen Purity: 99,5% (v/v)

Outlet Nitrogen Flow Rate: about 25 Nm3/h

The Nitrogen production key phases are the following:

Air Filtration;

Air Heating;

Nitrogen Separation;

Nitrogen Purity Analysis.

In order to produce Nitrogen according to requested specification it is necessary that process parameters (temperature, pressure, flow) are kept within their design ranges. To ensure this, Nitrogen Generation Package is equipped with all of the required instruments and control valves needed for a complete control and management of it.

All of the signals coming from field mounted instruments and control valves are hardwired to several dedicated junction boxes according to signal segregation philosophy and routed to Distributed Control System (DCS). The package operated in Automatic Mode at all the time. The power control to the heater is performed by the Heater Control Panel that receive from DCS the start/stop commands and the analogue signal to modulate heater power. Heater panel signals, status, alarms are duplicated to DCS in order to monitor the Heater Panel status.


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