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New DEPOSIT® range: Offset tanks for treatment or storage of polluted effluents

Offset fiberglass tanks for treatment or storage of polluted effluents

In order to build more quickly your remotepits in substation, we launch the DEPOSIT® range.

We have developed DEPOSIT® pits to meet all the requirements of rapid construction, permanent assurance of their watertightness and


The DEPOSIT® range has been specially designed to meet the 5 issues of a buried remote pit for oil power transformer using the principle of fluid separation. We guarantee:

- The total retention of the dielectric oil,

- Water and oil tightness,

- Decantation and separation of water and oil,

- The evacuation of rainwater and extinguishing water (firemen, sprinklers, flood) in case of emergency,

- And the resistance to hot transformer oils.

In addition to retention volumes, the DEPOSIT® range is available in 3 standard configurations:

- Single chamber remote tank (Mono Volume): DEPOSIT®-MV range,

- Single-chamber remote tank for the storage of emergency fire water (Deluge Water): DEPOSIT®-DW range,

- Triple volume tank: DEPOSIT®-TV range.

Made of reinforced fibreglass and double-walled, the pits are constantly pressurised and monitored by a pressure gauge to detect any leak or loss of watertightness. In the event of a rupture in one of the walls, the pressure drop between the two layers allows the problem to be identified from the surface.

In order to guarantee a high level of reliability and quality, all our pits are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards and meet the requirements of NF EN-13121, NF-EN 976-1, NI 50-20-04(4-0), NF-EN ISO 14125 and UNE-EN ISO 75-30.

At the end of the manufacturing process, the tightness is tested in the factory by applying a negative pressure in the double wall of each DEPOSIT® pit in order to create a vacuum and measure the possible leakage: this air test method is much more reliable than a water test.

If you are interested in our DEPOSIT® range, please contact us and visit our product page


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