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GIMELEC welcomes the SANERGRID group!

The SANERGRID Group, a Franco-European group based in Lyon, supports its customers in their projects for the renovation or creation of electrical substations.

SANERGRID is active in the engineering, design and manufacture of #solutions for the protection of the environment in electrical substations.

SANERGRID markets turnkey retention tank solutions equipped with firebreak systems for electrical substations, prefabricated offset pits for power transformers, firestop tanks and cover systems for transformer roller pits, flexible tanks for the storage of dielectric oils, silent block systems and anti-vibration dampers, etc.

SANERGRID is the European subsidiary of the inventor and world leader in drainage solutions for rainwater contaminated with dielectric oils, the company S.P.I.


  • 19 Bd Eugène Deruelle, 69003 Lyon, France