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SANERVib solutions for vibration and noise reduction for electrical transformer

The SANERVib ™ low frequency silentblocks for electrical transformers are designed to provide a high anti-vibration performance at transformer excitation frequencies, with the aim of achieving damping of the vibrations generated by the electrical tr

Problems of vibrations and noise levels of transformers:

When oil-filled electrical transformers or cast resin transformers are in operation, they emit a characteristic noise resulting from the vibrations of the magnetic sheets they contain. This vibration comes from the alternating current in 50 Hz which traverses them, characterizing a fundamental frequency of vibration of 100 Hz and several harmonics of corresponding vibrations.

Depending on the electrical load used, the design and the life cycle of the transformer, these vibrations may increase over time. In addition, depending on the place of installation (parking, basement building, roof ...) these vibrations can come into resonance via the frames or slabs on which they rest.

These nuisances may be punctual or long-term, exceed tolerable thresholds.

That is why SANERGRID® has developed antivibration and noise-canceling solutions with vibration specialists whose function is to reduce the risk of noise pollution from transformers.

Depending on the weight of the transformer and the resulting crushing, the SANERVib solutions use 1 or 2 or 3 cores, according to different configurations: simple to screw, with footing and fixing base, or in box format with wheel support bracket transformer

SANERVib80 ™ silentblocks are made of steel cushion only.


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