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SOLOLUBE - for safe automatic lubrication

Sololube is a very reliable and easy-to-use lubricator with a precise delivery system and is equally suited to the automatic lubrication of bearings, linear slides or chains. The single point lubricator comprises a robust but at the same time, precise electromechanical drive motor, a powerful high-performance

battery for an independent power supply and an exchangeable lubricant cartridge. The running time of the Sololube can be flexibly adjusted between 1 – 12 months and this setting can easily be changed afterwards. The operating temperature is between -20° and +60° C and the use of a practical protective cover means that it can even be used outdoors! The lubricant level is always visible through the transparent cartridge housing.

Sololube Advantages:

- Precise lubricant delivery

- Delivery pressure 7.5 bar

- Continuously adjustable between 1 – 12 months

- Fault warning light (LED)

- Operating temperature -20° C to + 60° C

- Suitable for outdoor use

- Not temperature dependent

- Visual inspection at any time

- Simple to operate

- Up to 2.5 m hose line

- Special fillings possible

Models - Sololube versions:

- Sololube Basic 150 ml, LED red, 6 V

- Sololube Xtra 150 150 ml, LED green/red, 6 V

- Sololube Xtra 250 250 ml, LED green/red, 6V