The powerful and flexible lubrication with Lubricus

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The Lubricus lubrication system is an extremely compact lubrication unit for oils and greases up to NLGI class 2. The lubrication system works either autonomously with a battery pack (3V) such LUB-B version or using an external voltage supply (24VDC) such LUB-V. Dependent on the version, the Lubricus has up to 2 outlets (LUB-B or LUB-V) and is thus perfectly suitable for applications with several lubrication points. The Lubricus version (LUB-C) has up to 4 outlets and can be controlled and monitored from a control unit. The Lubricus is suitable for the simple and reliable supply of lubrication to bearings, linear guides, chains and open tooth systems, for which special lubricating pinions and lubricating gearwheels are available. Due to the compact dimensions the Lubricus is optimally suited for upgrades or retrofitting.

Technical data:

- Pressure: max. 70 bar (1015 psi)

- Emptying period: 1-36 months

- Min. dispense volume: 0,15 cm³

- Temperature range: -20°/+70°

- Vol. cartridge: 400 cm³

- Outlets: 1; 2; 3; 4

- Connection: hose 6/4mm

- Connection to machinery control possible

- Fault/empty reporting

- Can be used outside

- Temperature-independent feed rate

- Visual inspection possible at any time

- Simple operation

The powerful and flexible lubrication with Lubricus

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