Dual Pack Power, Sudan

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For the first time, Grupel has carried out a Special Dual Pack Project to support SUDAPET, a company in the oil and gas sector, in Sudan.

The 100% Grupel project, called "Dual Pack Power", has a total of 6 containerized power plants, each with two 100kVA PRP generators designed to operate continuously and synchronously, powering oil exploration sites, in Sudan.

Being a Dual Pack, the project is ideal to operate in application contexts where energy needs are variable, adapting to the different levels of consumption that may occur in the same installation at numerous times and phases of its operation.

In addition, there are other characteristics that make this project special:

• the gensets are able to operate in parallel with each other

• the alternators are marinized

• inside each container there is a tank with great autonomy (3000L), with a double wall, and a fuel level sensor with alarm

• the containers also incorporate an automatic fuel transfer system

• the Synchronism and Distribution board of each container has several outputs and is prepared to operate with the presence of electric grid, in places where it is available

The Oil and Gas sector is one of the most demanding and challenging markets in terms of energy consumption, given its robust infrastructure made up of extremely heavy machinery, essential for all the activities and processes inherent to oil exploration.

From drilling, completion, to the gathering systems and all the equipment needed for the extraction of hydrocarbons, the power demand in this sector is very high.

Generator sets play a crucial role in the operation of these infrastructures, as they guarantee the supply of energy to the on-site facilities to support operations and ensure the continuous operation of the infrastructures, avoiding economic losses.

Dual Pack Power Sudan
Dual Pack Power Sudan

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