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Africa Energy Forum 2022: goals and expectations

Marketing and Sales Director, Pedro Gonçalves, talks about the Grupel at the Africa Energy Forum 2022, and his expectations for the event, in light of the company’s great history in the continent and its goals for the future in this market.

What can you tell us about Grupel’s experience and development in Africa?

Grupel’s path in Africa started a long time ago as we supported the first telecommunications projects in the PALOP countries, benefiting from the language and cultural proximity. From then, we have spread our presence, becoming a leading provider of high-power generators and customized energy solutions to different applications, all over the continent.

Currently, African markets represent a great share of Grupel’s turnover, making the continent extremely relevant in our business strategy, not only in the telecommunications sector, but in more demanding projects, such as power plants, water treatment units, infrastructure complexes, mining fields and oil and gas sites.

What is the value proposition Grupel has for African businesses and activities?

We are in more than 70 countries, since we are recognized as a brand with high production and quality standards, namely the international ISO 9001 and 14001, and the CE-marking. Additionally, we focus on creating tailor-made solutions adapted to our clients’ needs and providing the appropriate responses for each project, from conception to after-sales, whatever the application and complexity conditions may be.

In the past few years, we have been investing a lot on our infrastructure and in the digitalization of our processes, heading to Industry 4.0. So, now, we have a production capacity that can absorb three times the orders we once could, and we are more agile and efficient in our operation, from conception to production and logistics.

Gensets still play a big role in providing power solutions, especially when you consider the instability of the grid in Africa, and even within the scope of energy transition, by providing support to renewable systems. Grupel wants to keep its positioning as a leading provider of these solutions, accompanying the growth of African businesses and people.


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