A multifunctional machine frame

häwa GmbH
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häwa presents its patented X-frame machine rack

X-frame is a modular frame system which offers maximum flexibility in the implementation of individual solutions. Complex machine frames can be built out of few components within shortest time. X-frame combines the flexibility and modular assembly of aluminum profiles with the stability of sheet steel frames. The patented X-frame is not only a supporting frame, but also a functional frame. The interior of the frame is freely accessible owing to external, lockable flaps and it can be used easily and quickly as cable duct and for housing electronic and pneumatic components.

Advantages of X-frame in comparison to fixed aluminum frames

häwa X-frame racks offers a significantly higher basic stability than aluminum profile frames. As already described, the X-frame functional frame is not only a support frame. Owing to the large cross sections, the interior of the struts offer the possibility for a safe housing of hoses, cables, wires, maintenance units, valve terminals, 19”-slide-in modules and many other components. A trouble-free subsequent mounting of cables and other media is possible at any time. Light curtains can also be mounted easily, quickly and in a protected manner in corner struts.

Advantages of X-frame in comparison to welded tubular steel constructions

In contrary to welded tubular steel constructions, the X-frame system with its modular construction is individually extendable. With the X-frame system it is even possible to realize easily and quickly complex constructions without increased effort. Owing to the large quantity of tilts, large cross sections of the frame parts and the selectable material thicknesses, the X-frame rack is very sturdy and torsion-resistant. All necessary drillings and cut-outs are already considered when cutting the struts whereby time-consuming, additional drilling and milling of the frame parts can be avoided. Welded parts and threaded bolts can be easily integrated in the frame.

Furthermore, häwa exhibits at the Motek Fair a housing, demonstrating a FEM-calculation for a simulation-based cabinet/enclosure development process. This new service discovers efficiently weak points of enclosure and cabinet constructions and demonstrates all physical characteristics visually. Owing to the FEM-calculation, selective optimization steps to shorten development times and to reduce development costs can be taken.

A multifunctional machine frame

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