There is also warmth in the epidemic

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The wave of the epidemic in the first half of 2022 has added some sadness and helplessness to the otherwise colorful spring.

However, after the sudden panic in 2020, we are now more calm and calm. We believe that the epidemic may not dissipate immediately, but the victory will eventually belong to us. At Haida, there are such a group of people who carry the burden constantly to bring us confidence and lead us forward.

Chairman Hu is a person who usually does not see the end of the dragon, but every time he appears, he always surprises people. In order to boost employee morale, let us be a Haida person who has both a job and a life. He constantly improves the working environment, optimizes business equipment, and enriches cultural and recreational life in accordance with industry benchmarks. He wants us to be people who have requirements for work and life. Only in this way can we go a long way in life and walk calmly.

Mrs. Hu is a person who is either studying or on the way to study. She can always share the philosophy of life with us with short and simple stories, and her gentle and firm voice makes us feel like a spring breeze and grow up subtly. Under Mrs. Hu's advocacy, we held the "Five Ones" talk. "Five Ones" means "set up one ambition", "read a scripture", "change one wrong", "do one filial piety" and "do one good deed every day". Through this meeting, we shared the bits and pieces of life, clarified the trajectory of growth, and witnessed each other's progress. We established the values ​​and goals of the Finance Department, and also photographed the "Five Ones" photo wall.

Mr. Hu and Mrs. Hu urged us to study and think, and Mr. Zhang led us to dance Liu Genghong's fitness dance "Compendium of Materia Medica". This happy smile and magical dance made the tiredness of the day disappear.

With such a group of lovely people and such a firm confidence, even if this spring will eventually be missed, the vitality and hope will never be let down. Haida International, come on!

There is also warmth in the epidemic

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