How Cutting Automation Can Dramatically Improve Your Production Processes

Eve Reed
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Are you currently cutting your materials by hand?

Are you currently cutting your materials by hand?

Paying staff to wind coils of materials?

Using dated machinery?

Want to save time and money?

Adding automated cutting systems to part of your production processes could transform your business into a more efficient, productive and most importantly profitable business. Automation involves using computerised control systems to process materials. Hanbury-Autogil have worked with many companies who decided to take their production to the next level by introducing automatic cutting into their processes. Many people think that automation only works for large companies, however smaller companies and companies who need assistance when demand increases can benefit greatly.

Examples of systems we have automated

Sheeting materials for wound dressings

Slitting/rewinding rolls of adhesive tapes

Die-cutting seed disks

Press cutting plastic packaging

Kiss cutting adhesive labels

Laser cutting steel SMT stencils

High speed cutting for cable labels

Laser printing labels

Hose coiling

For smaller businesses, deciding whether to invest in automated cutting systems for your business is an important choice to make. If you want to grow globally, or even just beat your competitors nationally, it might be time to invest in advanced manufacturing systems. This will allow you to increase productivity to beat tender deliverables and win orders from customers outside your current industry. Continuing to use old equipment may limit the growth of your business.

Benefits of Automatic cutting systems

Lower unit costs from reduced labour costs

Improved cut quality

Greater precision, consistency and accuracy of cut

Greater productivity and higher output

Monetary savings through many of the above

Flexibility to increase/reduce production without worrying about staff overtime- no need to outsource jobs to expensive agencies to fulfill an order.

Carry out repetitive tasks reliably- no human error.

Eliminate staff doing manual heavy tasks and allow them to add value to the business through other tasks

Better, more productive use of floor space.

You don’t have to invest 10’s of thousands of pounds into purchasing brand new machinery. Hanbury-Autogil has old models just waiting to be and incorporated into your workshop. This option can be much more affordable. Contact us now to see what we can do to develop your existing production processes.

How Cutting Automation Can Dramatically Improve Your Production Processes

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