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The coated block pump herborner.F–PM has a permanent magnet motor (PM). Compared to conventional asynchronous motors PM motors (synchronous motors) achieve efficiency improvements of up to 13%. This leads to significant energy savings and thus also to a noticeable reduction in costs. With its unique 100% coating the herborner.F-PM has coating permission for both swimming pool and potable water, and can thus be used practically anywhere. In addition, it is used in areas where a perfectly clean environment is required and the pump may not introduce corrosion products into the medium. The coating thickness of up to 1000 µm also ensures an extremely smooth surface. This increases hydraulic efficiency by up to 10%, saving energy for years.

The block pump herborner.F-PM is particularly suitable for pumping clean water, cooling water, pool water, thermal brine, sea water, leaching solution, and oils. It is used in circulating systems, swimming pools, attractions, heating and air conditioning, condensate units, water supply, water treatment, sprinkling systems, irrigation systems, washing and cleaning equipment. The unique 100% coating guarantees optimum recommissioning, even after long downtimes, and provides long-term protection against rust entering the pumped medium. The herborner.F-PM has an IE4 motor as standard which is to be operated using a frequency converter. This allows the motors to achieve the highest degree of efficiency and thus the energy efficiency level required for the pump. Along with this, all of the typical features of this pump construction series produce the optimum energy-efficient pump operation and thus a noticeable reduction in costs.

Products of Herborner Pumps - herborner.F-PM

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