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New: herborner.FL attraction pump

Herborner Pumpentechnik has consequently further developed its modular system for pumps

Over the past months, Herborner Pumpentechnik has expanded its modular system concept – which is unique in its design – for coated pumps, especially by a new bearing support pump, the herborner.FL. This pump is the ideal solution for special requirements regarding the operation of worldwide attractions. In this sector high pressures are usually required since e.g. slides are expected to be more and more attractive, which means they have to be higher. The design with a thick coating (coating thickness of approx. 0.5mm on average) already established on the market also applies to herborner.Fl. This coating protects the pump against corrosion and undesired rust and allows for utmost pump efficiency.

Modular concept compatible with all models

In the meantime, the number of the re-engineered hydraulic pumps of the modular system has increased to more than 50 different hydraulic systems. They comply with the requirements on the market as well as with those of legislation regarding the compliance with the so-called "minimum efficiency index" (MEI value). They mostly feature a very high pump efficiency with MEI values above 0.7.

Regarding motors, the new pumps are not just offered with standard IE2 or IE3 motors, but also with highly-efficient permanent magnet motors as well as with heat exchanger motors. For increased efficiency, integrated inverters up to 22kW mounted on the motor are also available depending on the motor concept. Wall-mounted devices are provided for higher power ranges.

Herborner.FL attraction pump

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