Intergraph® Releases GT STRUDL® 2015

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Latest version of structural analysis and design modeling software features 3D CAD modeler plus 64-bit high-performance, multi-processor solvers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., September 1, 2015 – Intergraph® announces the release of Intergraph GT STRUDL® 2015, the most advanced version of its industry-leading structural analysis and design software that now includes a new 3D CAD modeler plus 64-bit high-performance, multi-processor solvers. GT STRUDL is an extremely high-quality, fully integrated, database-driven system for frame and finite element linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis as well as comprehensive steel and reinforced concrete design.

GT STRUDL includes all of the tools necessary to perform a broad range of structural analysis and design projects and can do so accurately in a fraction of the time of most other solutions. The new CAD modeler feature of GT STRUDL enables users to easily create simple to highly complex structural models for analysis and design purposes and to display analysis and design results using the same CAD interface that most engineers already use.

“This new release of GT STRUDL furthers the mission of efficiently creating safe structural engineering designs. The integration with the CAD modeler eliminates duplication efforts and condenses multiple programs and information stored in several places into one workspace,” said Rick Allen, president, Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions. “This means that structural engineers can create safe designs faster in a program they already know how to use.”

Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine executive vice president of global business development and marketing, said, “GT STRUDL is one of the most widely used and adaptable structural analysis solutions in the world with a proven track record in a variety of applications. It has been a valuable addition to the Intergraph portfolio, and the new version offers our EPC and owner operator customers an enhanced solution to help them increase efficiency while reducing costs.”

Intergraph CADWorx® & Analysis Solutions’ offerings allow design and engineering to share relevant information seamlessly, thereby maintaining accuracy and improving efficiency. These include CADWorx Plant Design Suite, for AutoCAD®-based intelligent plant design modeling, process schematics and automatic production of plant design deliverables; CADWorx DraftPro®, a free solution for intelligent 2D design and layout; CAESAR II®, the world's most widely used pipe stress analysis software; PV Elite®, for vessel and exchanger design and analysis; TANK™, for the design and analysis of oil storage tanks; GT STRUDL, one of the most trusted, adaptable and fully-integrated structural analysis solutions in the world; and Visual Vessel Design, a comprehensive pressure vessel, shell and tube exchanger, and boiler design and analysis solution.

Intergraph® Releases GT STRUDL® 2015

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