Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator Now Available

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Next-generation data validation, transformation and migration platform ensures

high-quality data take-on during operations

LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 1, 2015 – Intergraph® announces the release of Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator 2015, a comprehensive data validation, transformation and migration platform that enables companies to ensure the quality of information and significantly reduce the time and costs associated with data take-on. Smart Data Validator (SDV) supports the import, validation and export of data, providing consistency and traceability of the entire data migration process.

Monitoring and maintaining data quality is a significant challenge for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms, system integrators and owner operators across all industries. It is even more difficult to manage when data is being moved from one source to another, such as during project handover, brownfield data take-on and data loads or migrations. Poor mapping or inadequate validation during these processes results in data that is not trustworthy and higher costs for the remainder of the facility''s life. Data handover can easily account for 1 to 2 percent of the total capital expenditure (CAPEX) cost of a project and often can take a year or more to complete.

Engineering data integrity begins by carefully managing the quality, correctness and completeness of data at time of data handover. Smart Data Validator, the next-generation successor to Intergraph Validation, Transformation and Loading (VTL), ensures the quality of data delivered from contractors, suppliers and vendors, creating a high-quality data basis for operations.

Smart Data Validator allows users to have complete control of how data is imported, validated and loaded into one or more target systems. SDV enables EPCs and owner operators to:

• Check the quality of information being transferred

• Keep records of which checks have been performed and results obtained

• Load approved information into target systems

• Route unapproved information back to responsible parties for remediation

Key features of the new Smart Data Validator solution include:

• A target system adaptor for SmartPlant® Foundation 2014 R3 enables automatic generation of validation rules and export mapping

• Manual rules that can be added quickly using an intuitive user interface and an extensive library of predefined validation rule templates

• High-performance architecture allowing efficient processing of large data sets

• A powerful export mechanism to load data into target systems

“Shell and Intergraph have worked closely together during the last two years to improve the Smart Data Validator product. Smart Data Validator is now faster, easier to use, more reliable and with a much better user interface,” said Mario Stevens, Senior Delivery Project Manager – Engineering Excellence, Shell Global Solutions International B.V. “The end-user communities in Shell have expressed their appreciation for the renewed Smart Data Validator product and are looking forward to start working with SDV globally.”

Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine''s executive vice president of global business development and marketing, said, “Managing the handover of data and documentation from projects to operations is a daunting task because the volumes are so high. Smart Data Validator has been designed to help our customers significantly reduce the time and cost associated with the import and validation of data.

“However, the real value associated with quality data handover is in the operations phase. High-quality data is critical to the safe, reliable and effective operation of any manufacturing facility. Smart Data Validator ensures quality of data delivered from contractors, suppliers and vendors, creating a high-quality data basis for operations.”

Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator Now Available

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