Intergraph® Launches SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

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LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 2, 2015 – Intergraph® announces the launch of SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry, a new module for tag management and tag register production that makes registers easier to produce with higher quality for handover to owners. SmartPlant Master Tag Registry (MTR) transforms how companies manage tags and register information required for handover and is one of the first commercially available enterprise products to target this systemic problem in the industry. The full extent of its capabilities will be realized with phased releases.

MTR leverages the inherent capabilities of SmartPlant Foundation, Intergraph''s total solution for plant information management, for collecting and consolidating information. MTR builds on this by providing specific functionality to automate consistent tagging rules among supported products and then makes tag register generation, management and monitoring dramatically more efficient. APIs will be provided to support integration with non-Intergraph applications.

Projects include hundreds of thousands of tags, on thousands of documents, contained in hundreds of applications, databases and spreadsheets. Traditional methods for handover involve the tedious manual collection of numerous, key technical data from numerous sources. This data must be checked, organized and formatted in preparation for delivery to the owner.

MTR automatically collects and organizes tags into a master tag registry as they are created and used in various work processes during projects. The MTR approach shifts the planning and preparation for data gathering earlier in a project, reducing both risks and costs. It also eliminates manual work required to collect and combine data from multiple, disparate sources, thus reducing the chance of mistakes while saving time.

MTR is seamlessly compatible with SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner Operators Core Solutions'' (SPO/E Core) Central Tag Allocation (CTA) work process. Tags created via CTA are included in MTR tag registers and data incrementally built-up in registers from data published from SmartPlant design tools.

Subsequent releases of MTR will further leverage the master tag registry to improve tag numbering consistency across the disciplines working in SmartPlant Enterprise and other integrated applications, including non-Intergraph applications. The master tag registry provides a single source of truth that MTR exploits to achieve a simpler, more reliable process for achieving tag numbering consistency across disciplines'' data and deliverables.

Companies that participated in MTR beta testing reported the following initial benefits:

• Ability to combine data from different sources to produce registers

• Scheduling the generation of registers at defined times

• Performance of generating registers

• Reduced manual effort required to prepare registers from different sources of data

• Improved quality of registers

• Reduced effort required to check data consistency of registers

• Facilitates sharing information internally and with the clients with traceability

• Visibility of changes in data in different releases of registers

“MTR Phase 1 is an important step for Technip by offering an easy and controlled way in the delivery of the data required by our clients for their operational and maintenance systems, along project life cycle,” said Technip Project Information & Tools Department Manager/Directeur Jean-Luc Hoffert. “We look forward to continuing close collaboration with Intergraph on the next MTR development steps, with a central control of tags over SmartPlant Enterprise. We are confident that the product will provide tremendous value to our company.”

Patrick Holcomb, Intergraph Process, Power & Marine''s executive vice president of global business development and marketing, said, “The introduction of Intergraph SmartPlant Master Tag Registry marks a paradigm shift in the industry when it comes to managing tags and registers for handover to operators. This latest addition to Intergraph''s portfolio makes it easier and more efficient to collect, consolidate and monitor technical data throughout the life of the project, from beginning to end.”

Intergraph® Launches SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

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